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On Saturday April 13, 2019 at 7:30 PM, The Choristers will present one of the most beloved choral works ~ Johannes Brahms’ Requiem.  The soloists for the work will be Soprano Kara Mulder and Baritone Frank Mitchell.  A forty-piece orchestra will accompany the choir. The concert will be presented at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lansdale, PA.

Over its lengthy gestation (approximately 10 years), the Requiem emerged as a deeply personal musical memorial to Robert Schumann and most significantly – his mother.  Brahms was innovative in his combination of styles and use of vernacular German, different from the long-standing Latin mass for the dead.  Brahms wrote his own non-liturgical libretto based on passages from Martin Luther’s translation of the Bible choosing Scripture which offers consolation, reassurance and comfort to the living in a strong affirmation of personal hope, love, courage and anticipation of joy.

While rooted in words of devotion, the work employs contemplative, universal language to appeal across religious and denominational boundaries … coming from a background of faith rather than a specific church.  The complete title of the work is actually Ein Deutsches Requiem (A German Requiem).  This refers to the text than to any intended audience.  As Brahms wrote, “I would gladly give up the ‘German’ and simply put ‘Human.’”  Hence, The Choristers has chosen to entitle the concert simply “Brahms’ Requiem.”

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