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Member Expectations

What is Expected of a Choir Member

We have developed a list of "expectations" to state clearly what we expect of a member of The Choristers. They are grounded in the belief that a choir is a blending of diverse individuals who have to feel comfortable with each other, and who have to be able to trust each other...trust that week to week each of us will be there, ready to work; and will be there at the concert, ready to sing. All of these expectations flow from these simple principles.

  • Attendance Policy
  • Timeliness: Our rehearsals are 7:30 - 10:00 PM each Friday night. We expect members to come on time, being ready to sing at 7:30. Further, we expect members to stay for the entire rehearsal.
  • Extra Work: You are expected to assume the ultimate responsibility to learn the music. We will go through all the music in sectionals either once or twice. If after that you have trouble spots, you are expected to either rehearse them at home, attend an optional rehearsal (if any are held) or ask the Artistic Director for individual help.
  • Dues: Dues are $65 to participate in the fall concert and $65 to participate in the spring concert. There is no charge to sing the December Messiah concert.  The money raised by the dues essentially covers the compensation for the choir’s Accompanist and Associate Director. In addition, each singer pays for his/her own music. It generally is $30 - $35 per concert. Having explained this, the choir does not want, nor will we accept, anyone finding they cannot sing with The Choristers because s/he cannot afford the dues or the cost of purchasing the music. Ad hoc need-based scholarships are available. The choir will work through the situation to enable you to participate.
  • Dress Code: The choir has a dress code.  We expect everyone to comply with it.